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Southern Roots Sisters LLC

Luck of the Irish Marshmallows

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Looking for a luxurious and indulgent treat to celebrate St. Patrick's Day or add to your morning coffee? Southern Roots Sisters' gourmet marshmallows in Irish Cream flavor, named Luck of the Irish, are the perfect choice.

These handmade marshmallows are infused with the rich, smooth taste of Irish Cream, creating a decadent flavor that's perfect for indulging in. Each marshmallow is expertly crafted by hand, resulting in a fluffy, pillowy texture that practically melts in your mouth.

The Luck of the Irish marshmallows aren't just delicious - they're also incredibly versatile. Add them to your morning coffee for an extra-special treat, or use them to top your hot chocolate or dessert for a touch of luxury. 

Whether you're looking to treat yourself or surprise someone special, Luck of the Irish marshmallows are the perfect choice. So go ahead, take a bite, and savor the rich, creamy flavor of this indulgent Irish treat.