Specialty Jams & Cookie Mixes

Our specialty foods are created with all natural high quality ingredients. Our recipes are crafted from generations of strong Southern women from our family to yours.

Peach Pepper Glazed Ham

Peach Pepper Jam
  • Gourmet Gold Winner Blackberry Pepper Jam & Meatballs

    For a twist on a classic, try our Gourmet Gold Winning Recipe of using our Blackberry Pepper Jam and frozen meatballs for an easy and delicious appetizer!

  • Raspberry Chipotle Cheeseball

    Use half of our Raspberry Chipotle Cheeseball Wreath recipe to create the perfect cheeseball for your next small gathering!

  • Easy Apple Butter Crescent Rolls

    Pair our creamy Apple Butter with crescent rolls for a quick and easy snack or holiday treat!